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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Are you curious to learn how dirty your carpet can be? This infographic will not only reveal the truth, but will give you practical carpet cleaning advice to follow.

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Odor Removal

Odor Removal

It’s important to have good air quality that, free of harmful, airborne pathogens for the sake of your health and overall well-being. With our expertise, we have you covered. Read more here.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We offer a very flexible payment process and as part of it you will get to choose the favorite method for being paid.

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Everything you need to know about carpet cleaning. Useful tips for a quick and easy clean-up.

Odor Removal, Pet Stain Cleaning & Carpet Maintenance

Wondering how to clean wine, chocolate or pet stains from the carpet? Do you want to clean upholstery or Persian rugs and want to know if you should follow a certain pattern? Check out the following carpet cleaning tips and find out what to do! Excellent suggestions and easy to follow ideas.

Quick tips for effective rug odor removal! Excellent solutions for rug cleaning and upholstery steam clean.

Choose rugs for the children's rooms

Rugs have the advantage of being movable. They can be lifted and this would be very helpful with rug cleaning as well according to the specialists of Carpet Cleaning San Mateo. Dirty rug cleaning can be completed in the open air with beating and good ventilation. Since they can be replaced, you can choose different rugs as the children are growing and demand different motifs.

Don't invest in expensive rugs for the kid's room

Expensive rugs are not a good idea for the kid's room and your pocket. Each age requires different motifs to awaken their interest and imagination. So, you will be changing them often. Rug cleaning might require strong detergents for persistent stains which won't be suitable for oriental rugs. Kids must feel free to play and create without the fear of getting the rug dirty.

Learn how to remove bad odors

Bad carpet odors come from stains that have been there for long and possibly have penetrated the fibers. Pet urine also smells terrible, yet worse odors come from mold. In the case of the latter, mold removal should precede any other action. For any other case of bad carpet smells, clean the dirty area with specific products you got from the market or dish liquid and then use some vinegar or baking soda. Either of these natural products removes odors effectively.

Do not vacuum Flokati rugs

Any of the vacuum cleaner attachments can pick up the fibers of the rug and make it look bad. Besides, these tools do not help much with the cleaning as the fibers are quite long and fairly loose at the same time. It is best if these rugs are washed. They should be left to dry properly as well. Keep in mind that dry cleaning is not recommended for them either.

When stains and soil are just too stubborn to remove call our experts

Often, when a homeowner finds a stain or soil that's just too stubborn to easily remove in spite of his or her best efforts it's time to call in the help of our professionals. Not only do we have more powerful equipment and cleaning products, but we also have the knowledge and experience to handle almost any stain carefully and completely. The results are always guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. When in doubt, call in the experts.

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